Bias Towards Action


I spent the afternoon in the Y Combinator ‘hood. This involved a combination of lemon picking and lemonade making, Ikea furniture admiring, and pitch-deck discussing. My friend Chris is currently part of YC. He has a timer on his computer counting down to ‘Demo Day’ (5.237834783439 days from now). This is his second time through YC. Today, he was tired, relaxed, confident, wise. And based on the environment he is currently immersed in, provided very clear advice to the Day 3 version of me: bias towards action.

I’ve actually heard that before. From Chris. A little over three months ago. When nibble was still just a nibble of an idea (sorry, couldn’t help it) and I was meandering between market research, nutritional guidance, food trend inputs, the state of the local farm industry, the state of food delivery, the psychology of human willpower… yeah, basically I was doing everything but doing. His nudge led to ‘snack drops’ at my prior company so I could experience making and packaging and delivering snacks. Such action!

It’s clear now that three days in, I need to do more. I need to remember that I am already convinced of nibble. But if I’m going to convince others, I need to display the proof of the nibble concept before they listen to my synthesis of years of reading and researching. If I’m aiming to contribute to lead the evolution of snacking in America, then I should be expecting consumer responses to nibble snacks unlike responses to current snack offerings. I should be seeking customer responses that are only hinted at in the research today. Which means I need to get more snacks in the hands of more people.

You know, like when you really want to make a latte but don’t have milk and you walk to the store to get milk and make your latte (like Chris). You know, doing.

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