Can I Give You Free Food? 

My husband and I met a wonderful Swedish couple at Union Larder this past Saturday; an hour of cheese, hummus, and wine later they were leaving with deep knowledge of nibble, my email address, and website. One of them worked in the finance department of a major Swedish juice company, so nibble was interesting and relevant (n.b. she gets to take home 2 liters of juice a day). But for most people I talk to, I get a lot of wide eyes and nods – maybe that’s the typical response given to anyone starting a company who gushes about something they are super into – until I actually start talking about the food itself and share photos or samples. So I’m beginning to see that people need to feel, see, hear, taste, touch real when you’re talking about real. So if you live in the Bay Area and want to experience real: can I give you samples? And if you don’t live nearby or somehow you don’t want free fresh snacks, I’ll do my best to share photos of my journey here.

In the spirit of “more action less non-action” (see prior post), I have been spending the last few days making snacks or working on my YC application. So when my friend Amy asked me last night: “how can I help?”, my response was simply “let me drop free snacks by your office.” Today and tomorrow I’ll be making similar snack drops to a prior employer. The more I can share samples of nibble snacks, the more feedback I can get and more confidence I’ll have in the concept. So if I can bring you free, fresh, healthy food, send me a note!

I leave you with shots from my last few days of prep.

Carrots for a 10-sample snack drop. Wax bags as current packaging.

Homemade hummus in 2 oz. composable containers.

Testing out possible box packaging. Thanks Georgette Packaging!

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