So Many Possible Answers (and a single question for you)

The last few couple months have just flown by. I’m already beginning to characterize months five and six as when I spent the majority of my time talking to mentors, customers, partners, platform-owners, friends. It hasn’t been discussion as it pertains to product validation for Nibble (I’ve seemingly taken care of that, for the moment), but more discussion centered around my own operational questions, like:

  • how (who is delivering? how often? does that make sense?) and
  • where (where are you creating? where are you selling? which channels make the most sense now?) and
  • when (when will you start a subscription? when will you open a shop? when will you be ready with your packaging?) and
  • with what (where are you sourcing your produce? your packaging? your beans?)

Given my minimal food industry experience, I’m trying to absorb as much as I can from the vast experience of people I’ve met that have been in the industry, especially in food operations. All of this talk has pushed me to face one deep, thick reality of the Nibble business much sooner than I otherwise would have: Everyone has a different view on what I should do. Ultimately, I am the only one (until I have a co-founder) that can decide what is right for the business I am creating. 

This realization may sound super simple. After all, I’m the founder; I’m the creator; I decided to start Nibble; I decide what happens next. I had some notion, however, that once I got to a certain point (like people want what I’m making) and I started to talk to industry experts and mentors there would be some norming on what makes the most sense to answer the hows and wheres. Like, the path would be fairly clear to anyone that’s run a food business or worked for many years in a food startup. But nope. Every single experienced person has a different idea, suggestion, proposal, thought, criticism, notion, or stroke of brilliance. One person rules one idea out, and the next person suggests that idea should be the only thing I do.

Honestly, it’s super exciting that there are literally dozens of different possible answers to some of these questions!! But I’m not going to lie – I’m beginning to feel the heavy weight of decision making. It’s the weight of taking in multiple, often conflicting views, combining it with my own view, and spitting out next steps that I have the utmost confidence in. That equation has just gotten way more difficult in the past few months. I don’t feel like I’m in any sort of decision paralysis, but my quick legs of decide + execute have begun to feel a bit heavy… especially since some of the decisions now involve larger price tags.

I know one of ways I can quicken and strengthen my decision-making pace again is to bring on a co-founder. I’d love that, with the right person that believes in Nibble and helping Americans snack healthy. Obviously the co-founder relationship is important, and I take this seriously. Are you interested, or do you know of someone that may be interested in being involved with Nibble?  Let me know so we can get together!

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