Snacks Rule Everything Around Me

There is a new ice cream slash cookie shop in the Bay Area called CREAM: Cookies Rule Everything Around Me. Since SREAM doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, I’m moving forward with project nibble, a retail food idea that is at its roots trying to convince America of something it already knows: three meals a day is old news and snacks should rule everything around you.

I first realized nibble one year ago. I sat with the concept, the phased approach, and the name for several months before really digging in with surveying, learning, testing, and designing in the Fall of 2015. In early 2016, my efforts on nibble convinced me to quit my corporate job and work on the project full time. I’m ending my first day of the new ‘job’ now, though it’s hard to call it a ‘job’ because all I’ve thought about for weeks is that today was going to be the first day of ‘vacation’. That’s the closest description I have of how this new endeavor feels to me – I’m that excited and it feels that surreal.

I’m nervous. I don’t have a nutrition degree or a business degree. I’ve never started a restaurant or built an app. But I care more than anyone about getting healthy, fresh snacks into the hands of every American. I believe that snacks sit in the cracks of space that help define our lifestyle and who we are: the right snacks hold the keys to transform Americans into happy, nimble, positive eaters. I have centered my own life in this way, hence SREAM.

Nibble aims to become the Starbucks of snacking. Today begins the focused journey of building towards that goal. I plan to use this space to document my progress and share insights about snacking. Happy snacking!